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Communication toolkit to help you develop and deliver culturally effective communication.
Learning resource with two pathways — one for overseas trained nurses and midwives and one for nurse educators / preceptors to help you understand what is expected of nurses in Australia and how it differs from the way nursing is practised in other countries:
  • Should a manager direct or encourage autonomy?
  • Should nursing be holistic or a series of discrete tasks?
  • Should I admit to a lack of knowledge?
  • How much should patients be told?

Strategies to communicate effectively and ensure safe practice.
Community profiles to help you understand the migrant and refugee experience.

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The above video shows a sample of what is in the Learning resource.

It shows a user interacting with some of the pages of the resource. It provides a taste of the Introduction case study, a further example of a case study, as well as some of the activities within the Cultural Framework section.

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The learning resource is available free to all nurses working in Victoria.

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